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Omega Missile

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A nuclear holocaust is just a button away-and someone's about to push it. The secret-the ultimate weapon, a missile that carries no warhead, just a doomsday system that can will launch every nuclear device in the US arsenal. No overrides. No countermands. No stopping it. The terrorists-desperate men, driven over the edge by a government they feel betrayed them. They've taken over control of the Omega Missile, stated their demands, and are ready to push the button that will kill us all. The White House-stumped, scared, and running out of time, America's top military advisors suggest blasting to kingdom come, even though their bomb will level the entire state of Louisiana. The last, best hope-Their names: Thorpe and Parker. He's a Special Forces soldier with a marriage on the rocks and first hand knowledge of the terrorist leader. She's an Air Force missile specialist, trained to accomplish her mission no matter what the obstacle. Both are racing the clock to stop the Omega Missile before zero hour arrives. Written by a West Point graduate, former Green Beret and NY Times Bestselling author, this book crackles with authenticity and action. "Rogue politicians, a maniac scientist and the doomsday weapon-The Omega Missile comes screaming down on target. A great action reader!" Stephen Coonts. "The Omega Missile is an exciting, fast-paced on-the-edge look at a problematical vestige of the nuclear age-broken back global warfare." PT Deutermann "A pulsing technothriller. A nailbiter in the best tradition of adventure fiction." Publishers Weekly. Bob Mayer is a West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Factual Fiction Over four million books sold. Translated into over a dozen languages.


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